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We are dedicated to improving people's quality of life by removing stress, pain, and immobility issues from their bodies. The Rossiter System is comprised of hundreds of proprietary, two-person stretching techniques. The person receiving the work is effectively stretching themselves - from the inside out - with the direction of a Rossiter Practitioner.

Our work is not therapy nor a treatment; it is a workout. Our methodology is fast, effective, and safe. Rossiter System® Workouts is a company which has had astounding results with people since 1990.

We work business to consumer, business to business, and train individuals. With our enviable results and ability to quickly impact the largest drain on healthcare-musculoskeletal pain and joint issues - we are positioned to be THE next big thing in wellness!

In addition, we offer a guarantee of our work - if you don't go out the door feeling noticeably better, (provided you haven't had shots or surgery in that area) you will not be charged.

Fix backache and pain

A Rossiter workout can provide immediate relief to alleviate:
Fix headaches  Headache and migraines
Relieve neck pain  Neck pain & conditions affecting the spine
No more shoulder pain  Shoulder pain; Tendinitis or Bursitis
Cure tennis elbow  Tennis elbow
Treat back pain  Low Back and Hip Pain
Cure arthritis  Arthritis
Cure carpal tunnel  Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Cure sciatica  Sciatica
Fix heel pain  Plantar Fasciitis
Relieve fibromyalgia symptoms  Fibromyalgia
Natural pain relief with no medication  ...and many other conditions that cause pain and discomfort, limited range of motion, or stress to the body and the mind.

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Rossiter testimonialsAfter a car accident, I developed neck and shoulder pain. One Rossiter session gave me a looser feel. After a couple more sessions, I can say I feel much better. My lower back pain also benefits from this stretching technique."
-Zakir Khan, Almere, NL

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